Jesus is Not Who You Think He Is

The story you’ve been told about Jesus is all wrong. Join us for the real story— a story that will take your breath away.

Latest Episodes

If you’re new to the podcast, we suggest starting with the first episode and listening to them in order.

Episode 10: Hic Sunt Dracones

Is it a persistent illusion, or delusion, that we see ourselves as inherently better than the ancient followers of God? We scoff at their faithlessness. Why couldn’t they see the truth of what was going on? Why didn’t they listen to the prophets? Why...

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Episode 9: The Yeast of These

The ten chapters of Matthew 13—22 are about the same thing, and it’s one of Matthew’s central ideas. But it’s likely not something you learned about in church.

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Episode 8: By the Authority Vested

Who are the first twelve people you meet in the Kingdom of Heaven? And what can they tell us about who this kingdom is for?

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How You Can Help

We’re off! With the release of Episode 3: A More Perfect Union, we’ve crossed the threshold we set for taking the site out of pre-release, and opening it up to anyone who is interested. There may still be issues here and there (please let...

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Resources on the Gospel of Matthew

The most important resource is, of course, the gospel of Matthew itself. Any effort to understand a Biblical text should begin with several readings of the text itself, from beginning to end. Following that, it is helpful to bring experts into the exploration. In...

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